And the real spies are? |

And the real spies are?


And the real spies are?

Dear Editor:

Seeing the news makes me think I live in a world that is a cross between “Alice in Wonderland” and “Brave New World.” We see the reports that our own government is spying on us in a multitude of ways and that they are chasing the guy who spilled most of the beans. Irony of ironies, they are calling him a traitor and a spy.

I would start with Senate and Congressional Committees on Intelligence (sadly misnamed, it ought to be “unintelligence”) and throw them all in jail for aiding and abetting.

Then, we should work our way up the chain by jailing the heads of the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the joint chiefs of staff, the director of intelligence, and the president and vice president of the country. They are all showing absolute disregard for the Fourth Amendment, which they have all sworn to uphold and protect.

No law, or presidential authorization, or legal opinion, or secret court, can override the Constitution. Only an amendment to the Constitution, duly ratified by the individual states, can change the Constitution. And, by the way, whose great idea was it to set up a “secret” court to approve the spying? In a “democracy”?

Well, they protected us from the “terrorists.” This is so incredibly lame. Approximately 16 Americans worldwide lose their lives to so-called terrorists in an average year. And some of those are right here in the states at the hands of “regular” Americans. The corporate military-industrial-intelligence companies are blowing hundreds of billions of tax dollars and they couldn’t stop a couple of guys in Boston they already had files on.

Over and over we find out that our government is running amok: the Pentagon Papers and Vietnam, Nixon’s use of the IRS and the FBI, the Church Committee and COINTELPRO, Reagan’s Iran-Contra, Hoover’s FBI, the Pentagon’s Total Information Awareness; it goes on and on.

A lady asked Ben Franklin what kind of government we were going to get. He answered: A republic, ma’am, if we can keep it.

Patrick Hunter


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