An up day for uphilling is a down day for dogs. |

An up day for uphilling is a down day for dogs.

First of all, allow me to thank the Aspen Skiing Co. for their generous uphill policy. I am so grateful to live in a place where this amazing form of exercise is embraced. We are lucky to have such open-minded leadership at the helm of that organization.

However, I was dumbfounded and dismayed by the announcement that dogs would no longer be allowed to join their owners on these adventures on the hill. With a full-time job and family, it’s difficult to find time to squeeze in exercise and spend quality time with family, my pup being an integral member. I can’t tell you how many amazing mornings I’ve had traveling to the top of Tiehack and seeing the sun come up with one of my best friends. His joy and energy often carry me up on mornings when I would rather give up.

I totally understand that many dog owners are not responsible with their pets and cause issues for those of us that really do try to do the right thing. I always carry dog bags, and I’ve picked up numerous “treasures” both from my own dog and others and carried them down in my pack. It’s such a shame that many dog owners do not realize that their behavior causes these types of closures and restrictions.

It’s the end of the season, and I am thankful that the ski company may reconsider this restriction for next season. I only hope they will consider those of us that are responsible and allow us another chance to work with our fellow dog owners to create a sense of responsibility on the slopes. I’ll be the first one with a shovel and bag to help clean up after my neighbors if it means I can continue to bring my best friend on hikes to the top of the mountain with me.

I appreciate your consideration, and thank you for allowing us to utilize this incredible resource so freely.

Jeff Bay