An underground solution for Lift 1 |

An underground solution for Lift 1

Let’s go underground.

There is a real option to save the guaranteed second fail on the location of Lift 1/AB.

Disclaimer: I am an Aussie part-time resident who may have let you into Andre’s in my doorman role in between being a $5 per hour houseman at the Patersons’ famed Boomerang.

It took me 27 years to realize my dream and be able to truly invest in Aspen. My wife and I reside on Gilbert Street — sandwiched between the Dolinsek parcel and the Lift One/Skiers Chalet. We will never sell our home and are in a unique position in that the proposed Lift 1A probably benefits us in terms of being part of an enclave on the hill with its private lift.

However, while I have to accept the already approved madness of the Skiers Chalet being moved to another location, in a town that above all else prides itself in its history, I feel compelled to categorically state that the placement of the new Lift 1B will be successful — but not for the greater community.

The only way the precinct will be activated is by making the lift accessible — a rubber-tire shuttle option. Are some of you full-time Aspenites serious?

I have the very good fortune to look across the Dolinseks at the original Lift 1.

I understand the issues with access and have a simple solution.

The new lift as proposed and an underground lift solution that is as simple as having effectively an underground escalator/walkway that commences at a new Dean Street terminal below and adjoining the current volleyball courts and would link with Lift 1B.

The city owns the land; there would be no access issues that currently exist for overland ski lift concepts downhill from Gorsuch Haus.

The volleyball courts could be positioned atop.

If the powers that be really got it together they could make it a stunning portal to Ajax — underneath the original Lift 1 — an opportunity for an architectural and planning both re-activate the precinct and have the new Lift 1 right where it all started.

Problem solved.

Tell me why not?

Before you do check out how we Aussies did it with the Perisher Ski Tube on a far grander scale — our solution with significantly challenged and constrained access. Dancing Bear’s tunnel affects no one and is a very elegant, proven solution.

Happy to put my hand up to assist.

John Gilmour

Aspen and Sydney

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