An optimistic voice for Aspen |

An optimistic voice for Aspen

Over the four years I lived, worked and volunteered in Aspen, I was lucky to meet some very special people. Skippy Mesirow, who is now running for City Council, is one of these people. I served with Skippy on Aspen’s Next Generation Advisory Commission, and his enthusiasm for Aspen and its future is contagious.

Here are a few reasons why I enjoyed working with him: (1) He has energy. Big time. (2) He is optimistic and persistent. (3) He is curious.

These qualities matter in local politics. Let’s be honest — politics can at times be slow, frustrating and oppositional. Members of council need to hang in there and listen to all voices, and I know Skippy will do just that. Even if he doesn’t agree with you, he will give you the time you deserve. He will meet you for coffee. And he will respond to your emails within microseconds (OK, slight exaggeration). In all seriousness, he loves to learn, and this includes learning from others.

While I wasn’t able to make Aspen my permanent home, I know that Skippy is committed to helping you continue to live — and thrive — in this beautiful place. I can attest that he is deeply committed to the Aspen community, and I am excited to see how his energy, optimism, persistence and curiosity continue to contribute to Aspen’s future.

Lindsey Palardy

Silver Spring, Maryland