An open-minded Jesus |

An open-minded Jesus

This letter is in response to “Darn right I am angry” (Letters, The Aspen Times, April 11, 2017). How do you think Jesus would feel if he came back to Earth today and experienced 7 to 8 billion tailless monkeys walking around trashing his planet? Drilling, plasticising, nuclear wasting, warring and abusing everything about it.

Believe me, I don’t like or know anyone who “likes” abortions. I do think women need options, though. I also know for a fact abortion issues are not a left vs. the right. I know plenty of Democrats who oppose it whole heartily. I also know a lot of Republican women who are pro-choice on this issue. The Republicans in general absolutely hate abortions. That is until they need one.

I think the simplest answer is education and contraception to not start a new life just because you and your better half had sex. Even if abortion becomes illegal in this country, Planned Parenthood would still provide other services for women. Especially poor women. I think Jesus would approve of helping them.

Miles Knudson

Aspen Village and Santa Fe, New Mexico