An open letter from the Sandwich Board Lady |

An open letter from the Sandwich Board Lady

I always wondered what would fizzle out first, the gig or my body. It turns out they are both fizzling at about the same rate. This winter has been a bitch on several levels, but most of all, the ice has freaked me out. For the first time I’m afraid of falling — and let’s face it, at this stage of the game, a good fall could spell curtains for me.

So — I have decided this will be my last winter “walking the streets.” Call it semi-retirement as I hope to continue the summer gig with all its beautiful flowers, balloons, dog biscuits, the fountain, regular summer visitors who stop and chat, casual morning coffee on the mall with the newspapers — all those good summer things. It will be a financial squeeze not to work in the winter, so if you any of you need a winter employee who doesn’t have to be a computer whiz, you know where you can reach me.

This has been a hard decision to make, but our father who art in Heaven (or my head) is delighted.

On to summer. Same rates, same days. I’ve lost Victoria’s to Belly Up and Su Casa to Mark Hunt’s fast dealings with yet another little local family who have managed to make a go of it … until the end of March. So if I can’t replace them (with who? City Market salad bar?), there is a good chance I’ll be carrying your longer shifts if you still want to come back on board.

Anyway, mull all of this over and get back to me by mid-March at the latest and let me know your wishes for the summer. You guys have kept me going in these oddball times, and know I appreciate you with all my heart.

Pat Milligan

The Sandwich Board Lady


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