An independent’s view on the election

As a proactive and progressive independent voter, even though there are almost no Independents running in this election in this area, I am voting for those candidates which I believe will give Colorado voters the best opportunity for improved democratic forms of government, election reform and to protect the environment. Having said that, one of those candidates includes Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush. Mitsch Bush has a great pro-environmental platform and is a promoter of renewable energy that will provide thousands of new jobs in Western Colorado. She is very approachable and is not afraid to tackle big challenges. Mitsch Bush will make a great representative in our nation’s capitol for all of us in Colorado’s Third Congressional District.

As an Independent voter who advocates campaign finance reform, I find the amount of money spent on the governor’s race by Democrat Jared Polis and Republican Walker Stapleton outrageous. I would ask all voters to vote a big “no” on Amendment 75 which increases campaign contributions. We need campaign finance reform in Colorado before 2020.

I encourage all voters to vote “yes” on Amendments Y and Z on the Congressional and legislature redistricting. This is another great step toward more democratic election reform in Colorado. The Western Colorado independent voters endorsed these two amendments along with hundreds of municipalities and government entities all across Colorado.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, independent or a third party member, please vote.

Randy Fricke

New Castle