An entrance course to Aspen |

An entrance course to Aspen

An Aspen Times article titled “Castle Creek Bridge is integral to Entrance to Aspen debate” contained more misinformation than I could tackle in an entire series of letters. If you have a few grand and a sense of humor, rent the Wheeler, provide me with a good presentation/videography team, and I will body slam this nonsense for all time — in the space of about two hours.

In the meantime, if you are interested in real information about the situation, go to and click on page 2. Everything else you read will contain a high concentration of garbage.

Not that everything in the article was wrong. As I’ve been saying for several years, if you want to fix the Entrance to Aspen all you have to do is elect a mayor and two council members who will fix the Entrance to Aspen. Nobody can make that point more clearly than the current mayor and council members.

Jeffrey Evans