An endorsement for Casey Endsley |

An endorsement for Casey Endsley

As a small-business owner here in Aspen, I feel we have been left without a voice on council. In the 20 years I have lived in this valley, I have been witness to the “inevitable change.” Some have dubbed it “The death of the ski bum.” I believe it is the death of the working class.

Many deals have been made that have immensely altered the appearance, energy and soul of our little town. I implore you to think about whom we put in the position to vote on and influence these happenings.

Enter Casey Endsley; a combat veteran who himself is a small-business owner. A man who knows leadership, and is aware every decision comes at a price. I am not alluding to monetary compensation, often the decisions made by council seem to be fully guided by that single metric. Casey is aware of the human element in every situation; he spends his spare time volunteering as a youth hockey coach and mentoring foster children (The Mayfly Project).

It is not my intention to paint a saint; Casey and I have seen the bottom of our share of Budweisers together. We have not seen eye to eye on subjects, but unlike most confident, strong-willed individuals, he is willing to weigh the evidence and hear both sides before he takes a stand.

Aspen has been bullied by outside influences for too long. We’ve seen big changes that benefit the small few; it is long overdue time for a change. A vote for Casey is a vote for the working class. A vote for Casey is a vote for small business. A vote for Casey is vote for preservation of our way of life.

Adam Malmgren

Co-Owner/ GM Mi Chola

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