An egotist in the White House

When reading the Feb. 24 issue of The Aspen Times, I was struck by the inconsistencies of two articles in the World & Nation segment (page 24). The first was “Kelly: U.S. will not use military to enforce immigration crackdown,” and the second was “Dakota Access oil pipeline camp cleared of protesters.”

In reading the Dakota article it said that 18 National Guardsmen helped to arrest the protesters. After reading this article, does anyone really believe that Trump will not use the military in his immigration crackdown? Trump’s authoritarian regime has no qualms about using the military to roust U.S. citizens. Do you really think that it will not hesitate to use the military to help arrest those that they believe are felonious illegals?

History provides us with lessons. We have to look back only 83 years for a “tremendous” lesson. Hitler and Goebbels were doing then what Trump and his cronies (Bannon, Priebus and Miller) are doing now, but then it was the gypsies and the Jews. Now it is the Native Americans, Muslims and the Latinos (not all immigrants are Mexicans, as not all Jews were Germans). At the same time, 1933, Hitler and his Ministry of Propaganda started restricting any news outlets that disagreed with his views. Does this sound familiar?

It is time to give ourselves a dope slap for making Trump one of the most powerful, petulant 6-year-olds in the world. We have a spurious egotist in the White House. The press needs to hold Trump’s feet to the fire, making sure that his lies are brought to light, thus exposing that the emperor has no clothes. Now is the time for our republic to act and correct this “tremendous” error. Let your representatives hear your voices; after all, they do work for us.

Richard Hampleman