An Aspen upheaval |

An Aspen upheaval

First of all, I deeply sympathize with the residents of West End and their traffic headaches, just as I sympathize with all the residents of Aspen no matter where you reside.

I don’t believe there is a single neighborhood that is not affected by one of these issues: traffic in general, dump trucks, large equipment haulers, delivery vehicles, cement trucks, etc.; excavation, demolition, construction, remodels; landscaping activities, i.e. tree trimming, lawn mowing, leaf blowing; all types of snow removal, airport noise; you name it.

There aren’t enough “sound barriers” (joke) in the world to mitigate all the disruption. The “Quiet Years” these are not, and we are all sharing and living with what we have created in our little “paradise.”

While I’m at it, I can hardly wait for the commencement of the Lift 1A, lumberyard housing, Centennial make-over, downtown mall infrastructure construction / destruction projects — all projected to begin in a similar time frame, along with Mark Hunt’s various, ongoing projects. Will the ousted Centennial residents end up in the same place as the Park Place and Basalt Riverside trailer park people did? Vanished?

Ellyn Craven


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