An Aspen traffic solution we can set in stone |

An Aspen traffic solution we can set in stone

Wow, did Andy Stone, in a column last week, get it exactly right! (“Guest commentary: Aspen and the 5-pound sack,” Sept. 23, The Aspen Times).

Amid the irrational “solutions” put forward for the congestion going into or out of Aspen, none makes sense except his.

Just build another traffic lane: How does this cut back on the number of vehicles? It may move the choke point into the city, but does nothing to solve the problem of too many vehicles.

Build a massive parking garage under Wagner Park: How does this cut back on the number of vehicles? (Not to mention the expense would require parking fees of more than $100/day.)

We cannot solve the problem by trying to accommodate this traffic. The only solution is to stop all non-locally registered vehicles from coming in. Stop them at Brush Creek and provide shuttles every 10 minutes from there. The air will be cleaner, the noise level will go down, the stress levels will decrease.

It can be done even in the 21st century. Look at Zermatt, Switzerland. They manage to get deliveries done with electric carts, and use bicycles, horse-drawn carriages or sleighs for moving people around town. It also preserves the charm that attracts all the people in the first place. For a look at other cities who have done this successfully here is a link:

Marina Rainer


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