An Aspen cover-up we can support |

An Aspen cover-up we can support

The past three to four months every resident of Aspen has quarantined and obeyed every public order so Aspen can open up to visitors from all over the world. The city of Aspen, public health officials, Pitkin County, Sheriff’s Office and many volunteers have stepped up to assure everyone that Aspen is a safe place to visit. They have worked nonstop every day to slow the virus. Millions of dollars have been available to residents to help pay for rent, food and utilities.

Was this all done for nothing?

For those of you that are high risk, I strongly suggest that you do not walk around Aspen. No one is wearing a mask. There is no social distancing. There are bars with tables on sidewalks so when you walk past you’re within 2 feet of the party. To all visitors: The residents did this for you so you can come to Aspen and enjoy this beautiful scenery. So please obey the public orders. I’m wearing a mask for your parents or grandparents that are high risk. Please be considerate and follow the public orders of Pitkin County. We want you to have a safe and healthy stay. And as residents, we don’t want to go back to quarantine.

Lanie Sandoval