An abrupt end to a musical journey

I cannot go without saying thank you to all of you. Stan Bialek, especially.

Thank you, Stan, Arlene, Scott, Jeannie, Neil and Stu.

This amazing gift you guys gave me turned into a fleeting, precious moment I will miss like crazy, and appreciate tremendously and forever. Whatever forever is. How weird and odd, to feel so blindly connected to a bunch of people I don’t really know and don’t even see, all for one simple common denominator: playing jazz music to a world of listeners.

I cannot begin to describe the sadness of seeing it end so abruptly. I could never regret it. Not the tiniest bit. But it still feels so difficult to believe it’s gone. (How can it be gone?)

Just. Like. That.

I’ve never heard anyone ever say, “We could use more news.” Have you?

Sandy Sattler