Ample reasons to vote for Biden |

Ample reasons to vote for Biden

In response to the writer of a letter to The Aspen Times:

Whom and what am I voting for? I’m voting for programs that keep babies and children with their mothers instead of tearing them apart, even when the babies are still nursing. I’m voting for a president who does not lie or cast aspersions on America’s best: its military, its previous administrations, its women, its disabled, its free press, its governors and mayors and congress people.

I’m voting for a foreign policy that strengthens our bonds with allies, that solidifies support for protecting trade and the rights of the foreign workers our companies hire. I’m voting for the life and fertility and endurance of our planet. I’m voting for the rights of workers to unionize to achieve the only kind of protection that really protects. I’m voting for those who love each other to live together or marry, whichever is right for them, whatever their personal preferences in gender and sexual relations.

I’m voting for clean water and clean air that will not be available to me and my family and my grandchildren if businesses are allowed to pollute where and how often they wish to increase the gold of their bottom line. I’m voting for the rights of Americans to vote, to protect the only democracy we have, with the weight of gerrymandering, fake ballot boxes, closed polling places, shortened voting hours and days holding them down.

I’m voting for the right of a woman to control her own body, without a government telling her what she can and can’t do. I’m voting for an administration that does not tell 20,000 lies in four years, or any at any time. I’m voting to keep America what it was until 2016, and what it can be again if Joe Biden is our next president.

I’m voting for a country that, faced with a pandemic or other national crisis, responds centrally and swiftly, using all the tools available to bring it under control, as has been done around the world, rather than lying rosily about it from the first day to the present.

Judith Barnard