AMFS resolved to respect, dignity toward all

Once again, we are in the midst of a time that tries our souls. So many challenges have converged, each accentuating and exacerbating the others: COVID-19, racism, sexism, economic hardships.

Whatever our individual circumstance, we have been made acutely aware in this current moment that we are all impacted by these negative forces, albeit to varying extents. Many of us who are engaged in or connected to the performing arts, and music in particular, have been able to find degrees of solace in musical activities, performing and sharing. That spirit of sharing makes it feel essential that those of us associated with the Aspen Music Festival and School express our solidarity and support for all who seek to realize the promise of a better future — in which we will all judge one another, not by the color of our skins, the nature of our genders, the nationalities that we were born to, the religious or cultural heritages of our families, but as complete human beings. A future that realizes the rhetorical but unachieved promise of the American dream. When each of us treats and behaves toward each other as equally entitled to full respect and dignity, and to a fair chance to personal fulfillment. And safety. And peace. We at AMFS recommit to that future.

Michael Klein

Chair, Board of Trustees

Aspen Music Festival and School