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American pride

America today is not the country I was born in years ago, nor the country I was raised in, nor matured in.

Change is good and change makes us adapt to forward progress that enriches our lives with improvements.

The change I am seeing in our country today reflects a bunch of whining babies — blaming others for their own actions, not being accountable for their own bad actions and focusing on the negative, not the good that our country stands for.

Our country has some serious problems that we need to work on. Along with coping with an unknown pandemic that, understandably, is causing a lot of stress.

Be kind to each other — each of us does not know what happens to each other behind closed doors. We are not all the same but we are all in this country together.

Acting out in violence, harming innocent people is not the way good change happens.

We all need to toss away our diapers and pull up our adult pants. Wake up each day asking “What good can I create to make our country better?” If you have a gripe, address it calmly and offer solutions not ignorant actions.

Address problems with positive solutions. Solutions that make bad situations into better outcomes create workable agendas that can be applied each day. We are not going to overcome this overnight; it will take small steps each day of caring for each other, giving the other person the benefit of doubt and being calm.

We do not come from the same pair of shoes; each one of us have grown into our lives from various surroundings. We cannot totally understand where each of us are coming from. We need compassion and calmed tempers to get us through this and onto the other side where we can create workable solutions for the betterment of all.

I am proud to be an American. Everyone stand up and be try to be good Americans. We need to appreciate all the wonderful people we have in our country. We need to help each other by understanding we are all different. With small steps and a positive plan, we can make our country the amazing place I believe it to be.

Debra Mayer

Snowmass Village