America won’t be great under Biden |

America won’t be great under Biden

Ponder the following simple few things before you vote:

1. Communist China and Russia are our top adversaries. China is all hands on deck on the internet to sabotage Trump’s campaign by spreading vicious rumors. China does not want Trump to be elected as America’s president because Trump is tough on them and going to hold them responsible for the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic;

2. China’s government deposited $2 billion into Hunter Biden’s investment company while his father Joe Biden was vice president; also, Moscow mayor’s wife deposited 3.5 million dollars into Hunter Biden’s account,

Both China and Russia want Biden to be elected for the big pay back of their investment in Joe Biden’s family and as a consequence, Joe Biden’s position as president will be totally compromised and the great good old USA we love and call home will be no more! The radical Democrats’ socialism and communism will invade our country! The “do what I say and don’t do what I do” self-enrichment Dem party leaders and rulers will have a BIG government to control all aspects of our lives! (look at Dem controlled chaotic states and cities NY, CA, IL, MI, OR, WA, NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Portland, Seattle and on and on).

Bid goodbye to all the freedom and American way of life of law and order we all enjoy and take for granted.

C C Jacobson