America spirals under Trump’s reign of deceit

Four years ago after Americans installed a leader who revered dictators and weaponized social media while enriching family and friends, why are we surprised by this week’s mugging of our nation’s capitol?

As it turned out, the administration knew quite a bit more about the swamp than anyone imagined as the administration was run more like a criminal organization than a presidency.

And let’s not forget our esteemed congressional leadership which enabled this damage to the democratic process. Leaders who previously prioritized fiscal restraint, state’s rights and efficient government that worked for small businesses, once the spine of America’s economic success, now resembles a militia of patsies stumping for a failed emperor.

As this administration comes to an end, their legacy will be a record of violence, racism, criminal activities and a deep scared division amongst Americans … and no progress on health care access while 400,000 Americans will have died from a pandemic that was denied and mismanaged for months until it was too late to take any effective action to prevent this enormous scale of suffering.

Perhaps the most pernicious effect of this administration will be the national deficit they have left us, which will take decades to pay to foreign countries like China … as a result of massive tax breaks for billionaires in 2017 while small to medium businesses struggle for survival.

When will Congress put their differences aside and start working on behalf of all Americans and small businesses? We are all waiting for you, Congress.

I hope this will be my only rant in 2021, but I am slightly skeptical at this point. It’s been a horrible four-year legacy of deceit, which will take years if not decades to repair.

Art Burrrows

Snowmass Village