America on edge |

America on edge

As a liberal, independent businessman, I once again see that a Republican administration is passing on a shattered economy rife with societal and social unrest to a Democrat.

In ’94 it was HW Bush with his little Kuwait war and protests, passed on to Bill Clinton, who presided over seven years of mostly balanced budgets, peace and prosperity.

VP Al Gore’s loss to GW Bush in 2000 set us up for 9/11/01, when George Bush randomly lobbed missiles into Taliban sites in Afghanistan for a year, bringing the Cheney-Rumsfeld formula for perpetual warfare into fruition.

Bush handed off massive dept, Iraq war, unrest and banking practices that caused house values to plummet for the first time, ever, to Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama and Joe Biden quickly initiated FEC banking curbs on mortgage bundling, funded $1 trillion to infrastructure improvements, and instituted a radical departure toward national health insurance. They kept a lid on the right’s favorite wars, while slowly building the economy and environmental regulations back to a strong, healthy confidence. Relative calm despite seething, racial undertones on the right was maintained.

Trump squeaked the electoral college, taking the country’s strong economy and social calm, and then by repeatedly demeaning peoples and kicking ant pile after ant pile, he freed our most debasing instincts, he turned the U.S. into a howling basin of social unrest and mind-blowing federal budget deficits, despite no foreign wars (except Bush’s). He held the U.S. on the brink of civil war with a planet in the grips of a pandemic and a climate on the point of no return for habitability until he handed the country over to smiling Biden. I suppose the conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh will be busy for a while longer.

John Hoffmann


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