America is armed and dangerous |

America is armed and dangerous

A couple of questions for the limitless Second Amendment rights folks in our communities (yes, you too, congresswoman).

1. If gun laws don’t work, why did the killer in Uvalde wait till his 18th birthday to purchase a gun? And why do gun laws in New Zealand and Australia work?

2. Per The Aspen Times on Monday, the Aspen School District is spending a big chunk of its money on hardening our schools against a shooter (“School safety and security the ‘number one priority’ with summer work at Aspen School District,” May 30, The Aspen Times).

Would you rather have to spend money on school safety or school education? Are you willing to pay much higher taxes to be able to do both?

3. If guns make us safer, how come the developed country with the most guns has the most gun violence?

It seems those with an expansive view of the Second Amendment believe that they need a gun to be safe — from their fellow man and their government. That is the issue that needs to be addressed. Please tell, what needs to be done so you can feel safe without a Glock on your hip and a Bushmaster slung over your shoulder? Believe it or not, many Americans feel a bit less safe in the most heavily armed country in the world.

Dan Goldman

Snowmass Village