America first is America alone |

America first is America alone

The world’s No. 1 economy achieved its status through many advantages. There were abundant natural resources like timber, topsoil, water, seafood, minerals, climate, and importantly, oceans to protect us on two sides along with friendly neighbors north and south. These ideal circumstances attracted the best and brightest from the rest of the world. Our human resources were second to none.

Trade was established worldwide. An effective military paved the way for favorable terms in many countries. Post World War II, the U.S. found itself in a solo role that let us take advantage of our industry and technology. The enlightened Marshall Plan and occupation of Japan speeded the recovery of economies that would become important trading partners and allies.

Until now, the U.S. has ruled its economic empire with a firm but mostly fair hand. The U.S. was the driving force behind many international organizations that have maintained a peaceful and prosperous world. This prosperity worldwide ensured a prosperous homeland. The strong and secure homeland was essential to support activities outside our borders.

The U.S. is now going a different way. In ways too numerous to mention, the U.S. is tearing up relationships and institutions that were decades in the building. Other countries are now working quickly to form regional partnerships. Other currencies will be substituted for the dollar. Trade will now exclude the U.S. U.S exports will be shunned, from finished manufactured products to agricultural products.

We are at a time when international relationships have never been more important to our economy, and when our homeland is facing enormous new challenges like unprecedented droughts, fires and floods, as well as deteriorating infrastructure. Shouldn’t we ask ourselves if “America only” will continue our success?

Patrick Hunter