America deserves better |

America deserves better

We live in the richest country on the planet. While millions of Americans have lost their jobs and many small companies are going out of business, the top 1% of Americans have become even more rich during the COVID-19 pandemic. The tax breaks which were pushed through Congress and signed by the president are also a big help fore the 1%. For the rest of us a few extra dollars are thrown at us to “boost the economy.”

While many Americans are getting evicted, the housing market is booming. The 1% and others are buying up real estate.

Our population is about 4% of the world population, but the U.S. has about 21% of total COVID deaths. If we had had better leadership starting in early 2020, we would not lost as many fellow Americans. Instead of covering up and promoting “cures” that do not help, the leaders of our country need to be truthful and have us listen to doctors and scientists who can help us fight this pandemic!

We can and must do better for all Americans! Register and vote early !

Nancy Hess

Glenwood Springs