America can do better

Are we so immune to the horrors in our world and the lack of leadership and empathy in our democracy that we ignore the headline that at least 545 children, separated from their parents when they sought protection and care, cannot now be reunited with family. Instead, many are more concerned that bars and gyms cannot be opened, that schools remain under scrutiny, and oh my, the football game was canceled!

As we look forward to a season of family, and tradition, and introspection, and new year’s resolutions, perhaps we can consider the impacts of loss of loved ones, the lack of interest in our role in the protection of our remarkable democracy, the community violence, lack of informed or visionary leadership … and more. The people’s house (White House) belongs to all of us. We need to take it back. With compassionate leadership … and appropriate participation. It truly does “take a village.” We are better than this.

Dorothea Farris

Crystal Valley