Allegations against Aspen parents are troubling

It is concerning to hear Mrs. Shira Lipsey is more concerned about a broken shower curtain than high school kids using alcohol in her home, according to one witness (“District attorney: Lipseys ‘encouraged’ teens to party,” Oct. 13, The Aspen Times)

Alcohol abuse, students driving drunk when leaving, her own son driving recklessly — endangering the safety of others in the car, long-term addiction of students easily exposed to hard drugs; those should be more concerning to her than a broken piece of materialistic crap!

Hopefully the Lipseys will not get off with just a slap on the wrist, but that is what usually happens with the wealthy in our court system! Go get ’em, Don! It appears there is plenty of evidence, videos and testimonials to solidify a guilty charge.

Just my thoughts!

John Norman