All for the outdoors |

All for the outdoors

Some questions challenge us. Some questions divide us. Some questions we debate.

But there’s one idea that is not at all challenging. Nor is it divisive. It’s not even debatable.

This question is simple and its answer easy: Who is the outdoors?

The outdoors is you. The outdoors is everyone.

For 25 years, Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers has built, maintained and restored trails through the efforts of community members like yourself. All our volunteers sweat together, regardless of age, ability or background. Every hiker, biker and horseback rider who then uses our community’s trails gets to experience what we share: nature.

Yes, there are stormy days … or even stormy months. Rain can erode the fine-packed dirt. But when clouds darken the sky, we plan for the fruitful work that sunshine will allow.

Whatever the national weather, our trails remain. And although our nation’s map may seem confusing, we know that our local trails will always lead toward greater community.

Our open spaces are public spaces, and they’re public for every person. That’s the reason RFOV is proud of you: by taking care of a trail, you ensure that our region will have a pathway to find ourself, wherever we may be. Join us as we make community with our own hands.

And when you ask the question “Who is the outdoors?”, please remember to answer: The outdoors is you. The outdoors is everyone.

Ron Rash

Executive director, Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers

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