Air it all out on Aspen airport |

Air it all out on Aspen airport

As a 33-year full-time resident of Pitkin County, I have read with interest and concern the thoughtful words of Amory Lovins, Ellen Anderson, Bruce Gordon and Kate Spencer. I am aware that Pitkin County Board of Commissioners is considering the ASE Vision Report, but I have seen no indication that BOCC is considering the thoughts of those opposed to immediate expansion of the runway.

The selection of the members of ASE Vision has been questioned. The conduct of its meetings has been questioned. Those who oppose the expansion, or those who think that consideration of the issues should be paused, should be given full opportunity to explain and support their positions. The arguments of Amory Lovins need to be fully examined. They seem convincing. A three-minute time slot gives only time for conclusions, not supporting data.

Just because volunteers dedicated hours of their time to a project does not mean that their conclusions must be accepted by the BOCC. To do so would abdicate elected responsibility. Even an overwhelming majority is not always right. That is true especially when times change, as Mr. Lovins points out.

A full session before the BOCC, with questions and answers by opponents, proponents and commissioners will provide enlightenment, and shed the present appearance of a kangaroo court dictating to a compliant BOCC.

As our representatives, the BOCC should be fully informed, even though there should be a vote of the people later.

Hugh Wise