Agro tourism has been on the radar |

Agro tourism has been on the radar

I read Colorado State Sen. Kerry Donovan’s published letter (“Small Colorado agriculture could use some help,” The Aspen Times, March 30) with its rambling preamble which announced “Why I’m excited to sponsor a bill (HB 19-1191) to decrease regulation for small (agricultural) operations … (of) any size farm or ranch to sell their products through farm stands.”

This is nice to know. However, back in 2018 then-Colorado State Representative Bob Rankin (Carbondale), now a Colorado state senator, was interested in agricultural tourism, Garfield County’s interest in it and my published letter about agro tourism.

I expounded on the economic stance and benefits for farms and ranches (“Letter: Ag Tourism not new,” Glenwood Springs Post Independent, July 19).

Also in the same letter I cited a Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank article on the subject of agri tourism (“Ag tourism — selling a way of life,” Fedgazette, Jan. 1, 1994).

I suggest Donovan cross the legislative aisle to shake hands with Rankin to take care of business while consulting with the engaged Garfield County commissioners for support in this very subject which interests them, too.

Emzy Veazy III