Advice to cyclists on the Rio Grande Trail

Thank you, Scott Mercier, for your article “A quick reminder on proper biking etiquette” (May 22, The Aspen Times). As someone who runs often on the Rio Grande Trail I would appreciate if cyclists would heed your advice. I run on the dirt portion of the trail when available and am often startled when a member of the spandex-bandex goes whizzing by ignoring the rule of “slow and announce” before passing. I prefer to have my heart rate raised by my run.

A nice surprise happened to me two days ago on the trail when a cyclist approaching from behind rang a bell. A bell is so much easier to hear than “on your left” which is usually heard when the rider is right on your left. Bells are clear, penetrating, and can be heard farther away. Cyclists have other devices attached to their bikes, such as GPS, workout monitors and cellphones — why not add an inexpensive bell?

Gerry Terwilliger