Admit guilt and deal with it |

Admit guilt and deal with it

What society do I live in? “Trani (the lawyer) went on to explain that Henley is submitting an Alford plea — that is, he is guilty in court but does not admit to the criminal act itself.” (“Local teenager pleads guilty to two felonies,” Aug. 2, Aspen Daily News).

“The protection order also stipulates that Henley will not consume alcohol or any controlled substance — a stipulation that Trani clarified may be modified in the future.” Good idea, because it sounds like Mr. Henley’s decision-making may need some alcohol or controlled substances in a few years when he is 21 and needs some booze to take the edge off of a hard day of life! Too bad the victims don’t get some Alford type forgiveness for being assaulted; they have to live with it. I don’t think his fellow inmates care about the Alford plea and hopefully will treat him with the same care they do men who prey on under aged females!

I opine: If we are not willing to openly admit our wrongs, we will never learn from them and are damned to repeat them. Butt you know what they say about opinions (pun intended)? We all got one!

John Norman