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Abramovich shouldn’t get a local pass

Shortly after the Russians invaded Ukraine, I wrote to The Aspen Times about the Aspen connections of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich (“A troubling local link to Putin,” letters, March 4).

Since that time, the deep and broad associations between Mr. Abramovich and Mr. Putin have been exposed in numerous publications and broadcasts. His association with Israel and the Lubavitcher movement has also been made clear. His generous support of Jewish causes is appreciated, but sadly this charity — which is called Tzedakah in Jewish tradition — cannot wipe out the horrendous record of complicity in the attack on Ukraine and his support of Vladimir Putin.

I am a physician and an ordained conservative rabbi. I have been a lifelong Zionist and have been a visiting professor of medicine in Israel. I weep for the people of Ukraine and I am humiliated by the support of this rich, self-centered Russian Jewish oligarch by some sectors of both the Israeli and American Jewish communities. Through pressure acknowledged by both the U.S. and Israel, this man has not yet been sanctioned and his properties in Aspen remain unchallenged.

Recently, CNN revealed that Abramovich is a major stockholder in EVRAZ steel, once CFI steel in Pueblo. He is said to have earned $522 million in dividends from EVRAZ last year.

Of course, EVRAZ management says we have no connection with Russia. Our office is in Chicago. No doubt Chicago’s office is in the Cayman Islands or five other such places so the money is untraceable. Is EVRAZ and Abramovich supplying Pueblo, Colorado, steel to Putin for the rape of Ukraine? It’s a tangled web but he is known to supply steel to the Russian army. Maybe, just maybe, it is made right here.

Is this who we want supporting institutions in Aspen?

Dr. Daniel Thau Teitelbaum

Snowmass Village and Denver