A word from the taxpaying Drapers

Please be aware that there are two Draper families in the valley.

We live in Old Snowmass and own a lot and home in Gateway Mesa. Our property is not being foreclosed upon and we are in no way delinquent taxpayers (“Tax scofflaw’s Old Snowmass property to be auctioned off by IRS,” Jan. 12, The Aspen Times).

It is an unfortunate coincidence that we should both own property in Old Snowmass but more unfortunate that in a recent story about a local “scofflaw” (your words), you used the full name of the accused once and the name Draper at least nine times, creating a measure of confusion among valley residents as to whom you were actually referring to.

I would like to assure our friends and business associates that George and I remain on the right side of the law.

Karen M. Draper

Old Snowmass