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A weak missive again on Trump

It is often said that a crisis doesn’t build one’s character, it reveals it. Reference is made to the last two columns by John Colson, who again used his platform to admonish Trump. If he wanted to criticize, there were many possible targets: China (cover-up attempt, silence whistle blower, delay informing the world, suggest the virus started in the USA), the WHO (delayed declaration of pandemic, leader covers for China), CDC, NHS and most state and local governments and agencies (lack of preparedness) and of course Trump. He could have written about Colorado state efforts and results. He also could have also chosen the high road and objectively reported on the situation. The topics other than Trump would have required effort, journalism.

Instead Mr. Colson took the easy route and issued yet another Trump rant. We can easily obtain those from the Washington Post, NY Times, MSNBC, CNN and many others; most all do a much better job at that anyway. He chose to divide people instead of trying to unite them. He revealed his true character.

Allan Bomersback