A vote for 2A supports arts

Election day is now upon us, and I urge Aspen residents to vote yes on 2A.

Without raising taxes, and without touching the $40 million fund balance for the Wheeler, the increased grant pool opens the doors to more organizations that provide community-serving arts and cultural offerings. The potential of increased funding to the arts and culture nonprofits gives critical support to these important institutions.

Each organization is doing more and more to engage the community in programming that contributes to the health, wellness and vitality of adults and children. Art classes, music lessons, slam poetry jams, Socratic seminars, theater camps and performances, world-class music in large and small venues, film screenings, dance performances, choral recitals, and local artist exhibits — all build community.

Please vote yes on 2A and make sure your ballot arrives by 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Cristal Logan