A two-faced emergency

It’s remarkable that the climate emergency the city of Aspen declared to ban residential development and short-term rentals somehow doesn’t exist when it comes to the town’s own subsidizing of hotels and fractional ownerships on the mountainside; or their approving of thousands of trees being cut down in wildlife habitat; or paying millions of dollars to a construction company to pour concrete, build new bus stops and prick new stop signs into the ground.

If they really thought there was a climate emergency, wouldn’t they put the brakes on a new airport terminal and ban private jets as well, and maybe turn the $50 million palace they built for themselves in downtown Aspen into affordable housing or something? “Emergency”: $140 million budget for little old city of Aspen, and $160 million budget for Freddy Pitkin County. Spend some more taxpayer money on multinational consulting firms — they’ll light the money on fire and burn it straight into the atmosphere like a smoke signal.


Andrew Scott