A tale of two Aspens

There are two markedly different Aspens. One I label “Aspen-Masked” and the other “Aspen-Unmasked.”

Recently I was a guest at Cache Cache restaurant. The popular Aspen eatery was packed to capacity on a Friday night.

Greeting my host and me were three ladies at the entry area. At our table, the water glasses were filled, menus and a wine list presented. But one essential ingredient was missing: There wasn’t a COVID-19 mask in sight. Nowhere. Not on the owner, the maitre d’, the busboys, the waiters, the sommelier, not one masked employee.

As if COVID-19 didn’t exist in Cache Cache. Despite a recent Pitkin County health advisory decrying the fact that our COVID-19 infection rate is surging out of control!

My friend and I, feeling uncomfortable, left Cache Cache and walked to Ajax Tavern for dinner. A plexiglass sneeze barrier greeted us with two ladies fully masked. “Did we recently experience any COVID symptoms?” No. “Could we please show proof of vaccination and/or a recent, negative COVID test?” Yes, absolutely.

Every Ajax Tavern employee was properly masked and tables with diners were spaced at least 6 feet apart.

A tale of two cities, Aspen-Masked and then Aspen-Unmasked, pretending that COVID-19 did not exist.

Bob Morris