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A supreme screw-up

At this moment in history, when the sheer weight of the human population is crushing the natural environment, the Supreme Court is thinking of removing women’s right to abortion. This would be silly and dangerous, because it will instantly incite one-third of the country against the other two-thirds in a war. It will raise pregnancy related deaths by 33% in poorer populations while increasing that population. It reduces the availability of maternal health, family planning and contraceptives and deprives women of autonomy over their own bodies and possibly criminalized. The World Health Organization says that outlawing abortions has never produced reductions of abortions in any country.

How can a group of old white men have legal standing to decree what only women do, in the privacy of their own health and well-being decisions? Let the men first experience the huge physical and emotional traumas of giving birth or even the mother’s mandated nurturing and educating of that life, to the sacrifice of her own career and comforts, for 18 years in a wasteland of helpful social programs. If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

John Hoffmann