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A song that needs to be sung (again)

It’s hard to believe that I wrote this song with the local children’s Earthbeat Summer Music Camp in 1999. Sad but true it still applies to today.

I thought it might be appropriate to share this song with our countries teenagers who are bravely standing up to the “do nothing” NRA-controlled politicians.

We were inspired to write and record this song after the Columbine shooting. We then sang it at the Million Mom March in Denver.

Maybe it needs to be dusted off and sung again.

“Don’t Look the Other Way”

Copywright at summer of 1999 Lyric’s by K.C. Johnson & Earthbeat Choir

Music by K.C. Johnson, Markita Lerch and Yvette McKeachen

1. Wake up all you people, wake up leaders of today

We’re tired of danger all around us, we’re tired of being afraid

Lead us to our future, a safe place to work and play

Set aside your politics or get out of our way

2. We have an epidemic, not matter what size the town

There’s plenty of blame for the violence going around

Like, why is being different something we despise?

It’s our own fear, we refuse to recognize

Chorus: Its time we see

What we were truly meant to be

To live in harmony,

And learn to respect each other’s diversity

Bridge No. 1: Set aside your politics or get out of our way

or get out of our way

3. We are your children, future leaders of today

Abuse is all around us, don’t look the other way

It’s time to look inside ourselves and see what’s going wrong

If silence is the cancer, then the cure is in our song (Chorus)

K.C. Johnson

Snowmass Village

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