A small price to pay

I am in full support of Ted Mahon’s sentiments in his recent article “It’s all uphill from now.“ (Dec. 3, Aspen Times Weekly) We are so fortunate in this valley for Aspen Skiing Co. and Sunlight being so welcoming and accommodating to all of us who enjoy the uphill experience. There is no other ski area in the country, that I am aware of, that allows for so many unfettered uphill opportunities.

To pay a modest fee for this “privilege” seems like a very small price to pay. Perfect early morning corduroy, warm, clean restaurant/WC facilities, ski patrol access should we need it, multiple clearly marked trails plus all the events that Skico is part of and allows on the ski areas. I am sure I speak for a great deal of the uphill community in being incredibly grateful for having all this available to me at a very small expense. What we as individuals can do to reciprocate this gift from Skico and Sunlight is to “smile” all the way up, be kind, help anyone with their equipment (the bindings are confusing in the beginning), follow all the proper etiquette and give a wave and salute to all of are great ski patrollers, who make our days on the hill, so much safer and enjoyable!

Jan Silfverskiold