A run down the ballot

I am very excited to vote. We have a chance to put a great woman in congress, Diane Mitsch Bush. At the federal level, she will seek out and present bills that forward human interests. Paula Stepp will make a savvy, compassionate grass-roots Garfield County commissioner who speaks for the best interests of people. Get the smart women in. For the first time in my life, I get to write in a vote, Khalsa for Garfield County sheriff, I made a cheat sheet to get the spelling right. I love his community conversations and positive attitude and courage. I hope for the youth in the county to be treated as more than just criminals and slave laborers. The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is asking for 2.62 percent in a mill levy. I’m all in and hoping they don’t bond so we get the full benefits, but because I know how important it is for folks and the economy to have good transportation. I can imagine bus service extending to Parachute and even connecting 12 miles through the canyon to Dotsero to Eco Transit; we could take the bus to Denver. Maybe Garfield County will pitch in someday and pay more than Carbondale does. I trust RFTA’s ability to use the money furthering our best interests. I can’t wait to vote Phil Weiser in as attorney general and especially Jena Griswold after our current secretary of state caved in a heartbeat and gave all our voter info to Kris Kobach to be hacked. Jared Polis has shown he has the chops to succeed. Y and Z had me very confused but now I’m “yes” on Y & Z in the hope of getting saner bipartisan districts. Let’s vote out slavey (A). Vote as soon as you’re savvy. If you didn’t get your blue book, ask at the Garfield County clerk’s office, then go now to and check your registration. You’ve got till Nov. 6 but get cracking.

John Hoffman