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’A Qanon Christmas’

An empty mind is so easy to fill

With BS, no less, and conspiratorial swill

The bigger, the juicier, the fatter the lie

The less likely standards for Truth apply

The appetite for whoppers seems unlimited

(Why not? The president’s permitted it)

Especially from Q and the Qumanoids

Tweeting lies and fumin’ noise

Word is Q’s a cowboy wearing far-right fringes

Who fights for rights the left impinges

He rides a stallion, a stud steed named Hoax

And that’s the truth, according to gullible folks

Q often states stuff just to enrage us

Which the Qumanoids Tweet, to make contagious

The planet is round, Q says, to win one’s trust

Then adds, Beware! It’s a huge pizza crust

Where Fauci hides under a large pepperoni

Concocting a vaccine that’s dangerous and phony

While Biden plots (from the left-Leaning Tower of Pizza)

To eliminate all Qumanoids with a plan that completes a

Takeover of America, God’s greatest creation

And makes the U.S. a wimpy vacciNation

There is no pandemic, it’s a ploy Q blames

On the Dems, always playing their devious games

Wow! Q’s right! Q can see through it all

Now, Qumanoids will devotedly heed the call

The Insurrection Act is what they want to impose

Which ensures Qumanoid membership grows

Gotta insure erections, a wise member said

Better than Head Start, dem dumb Dems wanted instead

Facts? Do Qumanoids pay attention?

Science? Too hard for retention?

Research? Don’t ever dare mention?

Intelligence? That’s elitist pretention?

But obeisance to Q—that’s not stupid

Never! Q is sweet love; just ask Qupid

So, don’t ever let Truth ruin your day

After all, that would take Santa away!

Embrace conspiracies; Santa’s reindeer do-do

And perhaps he’ll gift you a higher IQ

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek



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