A poem for Aspen offseason

Turn off the season!

Turn on the sleepy peaceful, yes I said peaceful, small town,

Quiet in its abandonment except for tired locals,

And drowsy bears

Turn off the snow!

Turn on the mud!

Enjoy some extended weekends on Aspen Mountain,

Shushing through slush on a slope all by yourself.

Bring on the sunshine!

Chartreuse leaves,

And the song of a robin or two.

Crawl out of hibernation and hiding from Aspen’s guests.

Bask in the glow of neighbor’s smiles.

Share some stories with old timers at the Red Onion.

Stretch out in empty grocery stores.

Whizz in and out of town, free of bumper to bumper traffic.

Delight in free parking Saturdays and the “generosity” of the City of Aspen to its citizens.

Thrill in parking at City Market without even having to circle the block!

Take advantage of off season specials,

Prix Fixe,

Spring Sales!

Hope for minimal road construction

And a lot sun!

Feel the breeze in your face as you pedal your bike for the first time in a while.

Watch out for potholes!

Jump for joy!

Soak in the small town experience.

Scout out quiet hikes and spaces for future refuge.

And then anticipate,

Brace yourself,

Despite the snow (really!),

Summer is coming!

Summer season on!

Julie Markalunas Hall