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A plea to the Trumps

Dear Trump children,

Welcome to the lovely mountains of Aspen. We locals hope you enjoy your time here.

I would like you consider something very large while you are out here. Living in and coming out to these sacred mountains to ski and play and enjoy their beauty was a God-given right for all of humanity. The wildlife in this area and the humans thrive because of the health of the air, water and land. Your father is about to commit an act that lacks complete common sense and could be considered treason against our planet and all life on our planet by gutting the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ecological Society of America and the Animal Welfare Act. Your family now has the power to enact laws in whatever way you choose, so I ask of you, from my heart to yours, to consider a few things.

1. You are bringing your children here to enjoy the beauty and naturalness of the land; skiing happens to be something you do on the land. If you would like your children to continue enjoying the land, please tell your father not to gut the EPA, which will provide large corporations the go ahead to completely devastate our ecosystem and make lots more money, but instead to continue funding the EPA, ESA and the Animal Welfare Acts. (Money can’t fix a wrecked environment.)

2. It is our duty to leave the land that we have been given for free better than we found it and think of the next seven generations. (If the EPA is no more, this land will be destroyed for any future generations to live healthily on and enjoy.)

3. While I appreciate your father’s agenda, he does not have the right to make decisions that will affect our planet and all life on it so deeply without the consent of the people who this planet was endowed to.

4. When the real science tells you that the planet is being pushed to her brink, to ignore that science in favor of “alternative fact science” is not only absurd, it’s downright illegal to put that many lives in danger just to make more money.

I truly hope that while you are here, you take some time from your activity to sit with the land. Get to know her, get to feel her and listen to her. There is an enormous amount of power in your hands to be able to protect our Earth or destroy her for greed and profit. On behalf of the people who live here and the Earth that we love, I pray that you choose to use that power wisely and assist your father in making the healthiest choice to protect our planet over corporate profits.

Alecia Evans


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