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A plea to Aspen dog owners

I’ve always known Aspen to be a dog friendly town, but since having kids, I feel like it’s Aspen: dog friendly, kid tolerated. One recent night on the bike path, my 3-year-old was striding by the ballfield and was lunged at by a dog tied up to the fence.

My boyfriend shouted, “Who’s dog is this?” and was immediately called an asshole by the owner. I honestly didn’t know who was going to attack first, the owner or the dog.

I understand people love their dogs. You think your dog is a good dog and can do no wrong, but a 3-year-old is at dog teeth height. When a dog jumps at you at that height, mouth open and slobbering, I don’t suppose anyone would think, “It’s OK, this will be a friendly encounter,” even if it is intended to be. Not everyone knows your dog. Even my great kids act naughty sometimes (though their grandparents would disagree).

Even your dog can bite when it comes across something it doesn’t understand. I’ve seen unprovoked dog bites many times working in the medical field. Not everyone likes their face licked; not everyone wants to be jumped on. Let’s make Aspen friendly for dogs and kids alike.

Erica Purcell