A plea for board diversity

My name is Jasmin Ramirez and I am very excited to be running for the Roaring Fork School District Board of Education-District D. I am the mother of two in the school district, a fourth-grader who is smart and kind, and a toddler who is strong-willed and learning how to share. As a parent of a special-needs child, I am grateful to live in a community where he can thrive and I am a proud supporter of public school education.

We have 13 schools within our district spread across the valley from Glenwood Springs to Basalt. Our school district served over 5,687 students last year. Of those students, 58% represented a minority population, 55% of that being Latino students. We also served 311 gifted students, 631 special-needs students (including section 504 students), and 285 immigrant students last year alone. Our school district is very diverse and we need elected board members to represent those very diverse life experiences.

I want to work hard for our schools and district to continue to build bridges with each other and bring more diversity to positions of leadership that represent our school communities. I want to work for and with parents, teachers, students, and organizations to better serve our students and to better promote the limitless possibilities of leadership and vocations that they too can achieve. I hope that you join me in this endeavor, beginning with representation for all students, on the board of education.

Jasmin Ramirez

Glenwood Springs