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A pitch to Sen. Michael Bennet for a revenue-neutral carbon tax

Dear Sen. Michael Bennet,

Thank you for holding a town hall meeting in Aspen. It is refreshing to hear our questions being answered in such a thoughtful and honest manner. We were reassured and truly appreciate that you are working to solve so many critical issues.

I am an active volunteer in the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a nonpartisan group dedicated to addressing climate change. In Colorado, we appreciate your continuing work, in a bipartisan fashion, in support of energy conservation, renewable energy programs for the federal government and placing a price on carbon.

As a way to encourage moving to a clean-energy economy and as a result to a cleaner environment through increased use of renewable energy sources, please consider supporting a revenue-neutral tax on carbon, like the proposal from the conservative Climate Leadership Council, the Carbon Dividends Plan.

In support of this, I refer you to a July 17 article in the Harvard Political Review, which states:

A revenue-neutral carbon tax and dividend is best way to shrink our carbon footprint and grow the economy.

This tax, as proposed by the former secretary of state, James Baker III, George Swartz and Henry Paulson, aims to decrease carbon dioxide production, and make room for more efficient, sustainable energy sources.

Looking at our present economy, solar jobs outnumber those in coal and are increasing 12 times faster than the U.S. economy.

Economic reviews of Baker’s revenue neutral tax shows that coupled with $583 per person rebate the bottom 70 percent of Americans would benefit, while the incomes of the top 30 percent would be minimally impacted.

This plan is the only one circulating Washington, D.C., which can satisfy both economic and environmental solutions for creating jobs while addressing climate change.

Ruthie Brown


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