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A new strategy for Skico: slow down

The Aspen Skiing Co. is saying they are short of employees. So are many businesses and public operations like the schools and the bus system.

The traditional reaction is to construct more affordable housing. That new housing must be subsidized with taxpayer money to stay low-cost. This causes still more growth. The smarter and more logical course is to reduce the operations of the ski areas. Just like a shorthanded restaurant reduces its hours.

For example, close Buttermilk. Or close Elk Camp. The community can surely get by with a few less acres than the current total of 5,527. That could mean a few less customers all around and therefor fewer employees required for all the supporting businesses and other operations.

A little less business could mean a little less traffic in and out of town. Less business might mean not building more housing outside town. Less business might mean less pressure on the water supplies. Reducing the skiing business could provide numerous other benefits and actually improve the quality of life for residents.

Especially with the increasing severity of climate change, the old mantra of constant growth really does not make sense. All of our government levels have now pledged to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We can only get to those goals by reducing the activities that produce a lot of GHG.

Patrick Hunter