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A new low

I was appalled to learn that some anti-vax/mask mandater(s) caused a school board member to resign.

What kind of lousy parent pursues a vendetta of hate against another person via their children? I’m not privy to particulars, but bullying a child because of a difference of opinion is ludicrous.

Are we changing opinions through intimidation rather than ideas now? There are legal remedies for such bellicose bullies and I urge that public servant to pursue them. And please, reconsider your resignation. We need folks like you who selflessly give so much to our community. Our valley communities will not tolerate such purulent behavior. (Purulent ie. oozing or discharging pus.)

Lastly, I participated in protests in Glenwood Springs and Rifle a few weeks ago. I am wholeheartedly against politically motivated medical mandates. Apparently this cowardly zealot was in our midst and I am mortified.

Until I find out who this person was I will not be associating with this group.

The cause for personal freedom is just. Slow-witted bullies dishonor the cause.

Bruno Kirchenwitz