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A narrow view on logging

I find it amusing that know-it-all Auden Schendler says “Basalt isn’t a logging town” (Basalt wants Frying Pan logging project pared down for sake of recreation, March 2, the Aspen Times).Auden just hasn’t been in the valley long enough to have seen all the logging that was done in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. FYI, Auden, the North Fork of the Frying Pan had a large sawmill and a big logging operation that used trees that were cut for the Front Range water grab diversion structures. The loggers also used these products to make log cabins, which were produced near the sawmill site.

I hauled loads of products out of this mill for years. The cabin builders hauled their cabins on large trucks to homeowners in the Basalt area that were just arriving from someplace else, just like you did. The Ruedi Dam also yielded quite a few truckloads of logs to the mill, with products being shipped down the valley to the Strong Lumber Mill in Carbondale. Now all you newbies want to stop the use of our resources so you can ride your bike up the Frying Pan. Never mind the hundreds of boats and campers that are 8 feet wide that impact the road now that Ruedi has been built. And don’t forget all the loads of gravel and house products that are moved up the valley so the new landowners can build their houses. And those pesky cement trucks are also a real problem. Let’s just stop all trucking so you and your buddies can bike up the valley three in row without having to look for other vehicles. Sound stupid? It is.

Jim Wingers


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