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A mea culpa with a caveat

The April 3 Aspen Times published my letter commenting on a town hall held by our state senator and representative in Hotchkiss (“Liberal lawmakers deceive Coloradans”). My letter was prompted by an eyewitness report emailed to me by a friend who attended the event and described it as called to discuss the Red Flag bill. After the letter was published, the senator provided The Aspen Times with her announcement of the event, which described it as for a presentation on the National Popular Vote Compact. I had not seen it before the senator provided it.

My letter was in error about the purpose of the event because I was misinformed. I apologize for that. I do not apologize for criticizing our senator and representative for attempting to “re-educate” the electorate. What other objective could explain a town hall on a statute that’s already the law in Colorado? Politicians should listen to the electorate before passing laws, not after the dirty work is done.

Maurice Emmer